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Neon has made a comeback! Whether you use it by itself or in combination with other elements of your sign, neon has a look all its own. The beauty of neon is that it can be formed into various designs and shapes giving you flexibility in how you use it - especially in advertising. Changing the sequences of switching parts on and off creates dynamic light patterns which form animated and eye-catching images.

We can create custom neon signs for businesses, home bars, game rooms and anywhere else you desire a unique sign or lighting option. Because of its long life span, low maintenance, and range of color choices, neon is perfect for retail outlets, architectural lighting, and commercial displays as well as many other applications for advertising.

What better way to upgrade your store front or place of business than with a quality neon sign!
Color Visibility Facts
The reader's ability to correctly read your message is maximized by a design that enhances individual letter distinction. Good color selection can dramatically increase readability, especially at a distance.

Effective Signs
Did you know that ads with photos have 300% greater recall than ads without photos? That's a compelling reason to add pictures to your signs.
• The first public display of a Neon Sign (not just a simple tube) was in December 1910 at the Paris Expo. The first commercial sign was sold in 1912 to a Paris Barber.

• The famous six story Coca Cola bottle in Times Square is nestled in more than a mile of neon tubing and empties & refills 1000 times a day!

• Once the most famous advertisement in the world, the neon Camel Cigarette Sign found in Times Square puffed real smoke rings every four seconds for 25 years.

• Neon Gas was first discovered in 1898 by two British scientists, Sir William Ramsey and Morris Travers.

• You would think that the Neon Sign is an American Icon, however, neon is also very popular in many Eastern countries including Hong Kong and China. Neon displays in these countries rival anything we have in Las Vegas or Times Square!
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